Short Stories, posted mostly to

Bobby (2018.03.08) - Speculative Fiction / Science Fiction  (1,766 words;  9,130 chars)
   The first.  Punctuation is horrible, now when I look back on it a year later.

Company Town (2018.05.01) - Speculative Fiction  (3,206 words;  17,470 chars)
   The one with the greatest potential for a Made-for-TV movie, but, the execution is still poor.

The Puzzling case of Sarafina Clark (2018.05.10) - Speculative Fiction  (3,105 words;  17,208 chars)
    I didn't consciously intend to, but it has one of the things I like best . . . a story within a story.

So, now what? (2018.06.21) - Science Fiction  (3,375 words;  18,398 chars)
   Some stories, you have to write just to purge demons from the past.

See if the Old Man can fix it (2018.07.04) - Science Fiction  (4,759 words;  25,991 chars)
   My favorite (and the longest so far).

Yes Josephine's has Anchovies. (2018.07.25) - Fantasy  (3,021 words;  16,668 chars)
   All of these stories exist within the same framework.  Some of these characters may appear again.

Our First Date (2018.08.01) - Science Fiction  (2,408 words;  13,147 chars)
   Again, a tiny part of a larger overall story.  You get a furious blast from it here, and pieces of the overall story throughout the other stories.

Morning Coffee in a Small Town (2018.09.04) - Science Fiction  (1,565 words;  8,691 chars)
   My second favorite.  (And one of the higher liked on Reddit.)

PESDCAA 201 (2018.09.12) - Futurology / Science Fiction  (3,235 words;  19,044 chars)
   Something different.

The Rescue Edit (2018.11.29) - Science Fiction  (4,146 words;  28,972 chars)
   I could write a hundred stories like this one.  But, you can't fix everything.

The Wolf You Feed (2019.02.19) - Misc. Fiction  (1,564 words;  8,319 chars)
   Partial short story, partial ruminations after reading "Facing Violence" by Rory Miller (a great book).

The Visitor (2019.03.06) - Science Fiction  (1,557 words;  9,225 chars)
   More pieces of a large whole.

Leonard goes on a date (2019.05.23) - Fantasy  (4,114 words;  22,568 chars)
   Everyone has their own spin on the story.  I tried to write how I thought it would "really" happen.

Don't Tell Grandma (2019.07.29) - Fantasy  (2,155 words;  11,557 chars)
   I saw an ad for 911, and thought of Peter Kraus, and the only episode of Parenthood I'd ever seen, add in grandma from something the night before. . .

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