Sunny 16 Photography Club Model Shoots

Models May 2014 - WKU (frozen)

Models April 2015 - WKU (frozen)

Horses & Models June 2015 - Diamond H Ranch (frozen)

Presbyterian Church - Bowling Green KY (frozen)

Trip to Jenny Wiley State Park - Elk 2015.10.25 (frozen)

Trip to Jenny Wiley State Park - Sunrise & Lake 2015.10.25 (frozen)

Houchens Girl Scout Camp 2017.04.08 (frozen)

Houchens Girl Scout Camp - Cars & Models 2018.06.30 (frozen)

Fall 2018 Picnic at Julie's Farm - Steel Wool Burning - Fire (frozen)

Houchens Girl Scout Camp 2019.05.18 (frozen)

WKU Baker Arboretum 2019.06.15 (frozen)

Cedargate Rabbits and Basil Griffith Birds 2019.06.26-27 (frozen)

WKU Top of the Hill 2019.06.30 (frozen)

Other Public Events

B.G. T3 Sprint Triathlon 2015 (frozen)

Walk to End Alzheimer's 2015 (frozen)

Zombie Walk 2015 (frozen)

B.G. T3 Sprint Triathlon 2017 (frozen)

B.G. T3 Sprint Triathlon 2018 (frozen)

B.G. International Festival 2018 (frozen)

Non-Club shoots (Vacations and Odd Events)

East Coast (Nova Scotia / Maine) Vacation 2008 (frozen)

(Gun) Shoot at and Carl And Sonya's House (frozen)

Delaware Runner (frozen)

Colonial Williamsburg, VA and Biltmore 2010.07 (frozen)

The Great Bleezzard of 2016 (frozen)

Range Work - New Shed Green River Gun Club 2016.03.12 (frozen)

Focus Stacking (frozen)

Grassmere (Nashville) Zoo 2016.07.10 (frozen)

Charleston SC 2016.08.13-20 (frozen)

My Old Ky Home / Stephen Foster Musical / Ky Railway Museum 2017.06.16-17 (frozen)

Murrells Inlet, SC and Gatlinburg, TN 2017.10.17-23 (frozen)

Veterans Day Flags 2017.11.11 (frozen)

Wide Angle Lens and Clear MRC Filter Test 2017.12.16 (frozen)

Gatlinburg - Cades Cove - Cherokee - Vacation Oct 2018 (frozen)
Gatlinburg - Cades Cove - Cherokee - Panoramics Oct 2018 (frozen)

Clear MRC Filter Test - 2019.06.01 (frozen)

Mammoth Cave 2000-Present - Inside Examples - 2019.06.20 (frozen)

Technical Postings

Circular Polarized Filter Example (frozen)

Time Lapse and Videos (Youtube links)

Gatlinburg, TN Space Needle 201610   <-Video    Single Image ->  Blending Day & Night

Total Solar Eclipse - Bowling Green, KY 20170821

Charlestown Bridge Timelapse 20160814

Warp Speed Drive to Houchens Girl Scout Camp

Green River Gun Club - Ranges Introduction

Gif of Girl swinging at Pinata   Animated Gif of girl hitting Pinata at 2018 International Festival (my first GIF animation.  Done with Photoshop.)

Postings to other sites (GuruShots)

GuruShots  (updating as needed, with Best of my Best, for GuruShots Challenges)

Before/After Photo Restorations from
(OTHER PEOPLES photos . . . I just did some restoration work.)

Soldier 2018.07.01 (frozen)

Polish Grandparents 20180712 (frozen)

Parents & Grandparents 20180716 (frozen)

Dales Mom and Aunts 20181126 (frozen)