From the October 6th, 2013 "2013 Delaware Distance Classic 15K Race"
Delaware Runner Smaller

I recently came back to them (learned a better way to align them in Photoshop).  I had been taking pics of the rowing race, and turned around.  
Always wanted to try one of these multi-shot composites.  Just caught you at the right time with the red hair flipping around as you ran.  
I've attempted about five of these types of composites other days since, none are even close to being as good as this first one.  
I only had the monopod with me for the Canon 7D.  I braced it against my chest (two human legs making up the tripod) and tried to focus
my eyes on the tree, to hold steady and not "track" with you as you went past.  You partially got picked, because you weren't "in a pack"
 and it was easier to get just you in the burst of 18 shots.

I loaded them into Photoshop as 18 different layers, auto-aligned, then, layer-by-layer, erase everything to the left of the right most runner,
then switch to the second right most and erase everything to the left of that one, on down through the 18 or so layers.  It doesn't sound bad,
but switching layers, turning on/off visibility, and keeping track of which layer you're erasing to make which other layer runner reveal through
. . . it's more confusing than difficult.

THIS VERSION is the highest resolution . . . probably enough resolution for a 20" by 30" poster (Sams Club,, or you may have
some local place that can print poster size.)

THIS VERSION is just a narrow strip around the runner, cropping most of the sky/boardwalk.

THIS VERSION is the same narrow strip, but doubled (if you printed it 20" by 30" . . . you'd have two to split.)

I had the date, city, and runner #80, still it took about an hour of Internet sleuthing to find race results and get a name.  
(I tried once before, soon after taking the pics and failed to find you, there was a Wilmington, NC race the same day,
lots of the Internet results pointed there instead.)

Print them, download and use as wallpaper, or just ignore them, it's up to you.  I was just glad to finally track down a name and show the result to you.


John K. Humkey -